Laurel Light

The sun has been BLAZING lately. I try my best to find creative ways to work with this element when it comes to photography. I’m including a few images that I took of the setting sun shining through a mosaic of Laurel Sumac (Malosma laurina) leaves. The effect in-person turned out to be much more spectacular than I was able to capture with these images. As long as I had them open in Photoshop though, I decided to play around a bit. Has anyone else ever experimented with the “Invert” command? It inverts the colors in any image, producing an end product that is similar to the way a film negative might appear. In most instances, I find the effect to be too harsh and obviously computer-generated looking. However, with a select group of scenery images and also with many abstract shots, it can produce some unique outcomes that I actually like. Click on the original photos below to see their color inverted. When I saw how these turned out, my thoughts immediately turned to batik — a wax-dyeing technique. Hmmm…. maybe that’s just me?


Laurel Sumac & sun

Laurel Sumac & sun


Anyone still having cool weather where they are?

Harsi / June 23, 2011 / artwork, plants


  1. ro - June 24, 2011 @ 8:11 am

    Well it’s cool in the morning but by mid day, inside is the place to be. Interesting photo though I despise that sun.

  2. Lisa - June 24, 2011 @ 9:49 am

    Hullo there, Harsi of the hills– Yes, we are having very cool weather (cool and rainy)….ever since the first day of summer (?!) I liked clicking on the photos above. It absolutely reminds me of the way batik looks. Very cool. I really liked your drawings too from the other day. What? I have to pick a favorite? Okay, if I must, I’ll pick your feather!! I have been reading along — and please know that I continue to do so even if I don’t write in :). Hope Ezra is feeling better, and I hope YOU don’t come down with the flu. {fingers crossed} Thanks for your blogging and sharing! XOXOXO

  3. Harsi - June 24, 2011 @ 2:11 pm

    ~ Ro ~ The regular early morning walks are still eluding me. 🙁 Going to have to try harder, because you are quite right that it is no fun to be outside late into the day. (One plus side to the scorching temps has been that in the afternoon many of the mule deer come and lay down near the houses seeking a bit of cool shade. Lots of mommas and babies around lately!) xo ~ Lisa ~ Hi there, Ms. Songbird! Oh…. I’m gonna’ have to be a bit jealous of you for a minute here. A bit of rain sounds just lovely right now!! Thanks for the well wishes for Ezra (I’ll pass them along). And, so far so good, I don’t seem to be sick yet… I think I probably need to wait a few more days to see if I’ve safely skirted infection. Awww, Lisa, you didn’t HAVE to pick a favorite… but, I do love getting the input! 🙂 Note to self… will start trying to draw more feathers. You know, it really only matters to me if people are reading… not whether they comment. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE every single comment I get. Really and truly!! But, I never wanted anyone to feel like it was mandatory or for my friends to feel like my feelings would be hurt if they didn’t leave me messages everyday. Writing and creating these posts for myself and others to enjoy is the CAKE. The comments are just ICING on top of that! xo


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